The modern equipment and many years of experience allow us for more accurate and precise diagnostics!


The best and most effective therapy for patients is coordinated with the European Association of Urology!


Modern methods of treatment lead to a speedy recovery!


Urological diseases occur in both men and women!

Laser treatment of stones in the bladder, ureter and kidneys

Minimally invasive, modern and highly effective method for treatment of all types of stones in the urinary system.

Endoscopic treatment of the prostate

Endoscopic operations performed through the natural urinary tract (without surgical incisions), with a short postoperative period and perfect results.

Percutaneous litholapaxia

High-tech method for breaking down kidney stones, regardless of their location and size.

About Us

Dr. Ivan Valkanov Medical Center is located in the town of Haskovo, at 8 Asti Street. It is located on one floor and has two diagnostic rooms, a manipulation room and a urofluometric room. Everything you need for a complete urological diagnosis. The medical center has been operating since 2004, and so far more than 20,000 patients with urological problems have passed through it. The center also conducted a number of free preventive examinations for the prevention of prostate diseases. Over time, the center is equipped with equipment that allows prevention and diagnosis of urological diseases at the European level.


Dr. Ivan Valkanov


Endourology, Oncourology, Andrology, Pediatric Urology

Dr. Stanislav Valkanov


Endourology, Oncourology, Andrology

Dr. Atanas Paunov


Children's Diseases